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Advocating for Equality in Scotland’s Media and Cultural Landscapes

About us

Engender is home to Scotland’s first Equal Media and Culture Centre, a hub for research, monitoring and advocacy for equality in the creative and media sectors in Scotland.

Based on the National Advisory Council for Women and Girls’ 2018 recommendation that Scotland should have its own Women in Media Body, Engender received funding for a development project to identify what shape this might take.

Men’s over-representation across the media and creative industries is reflected in widespread stereotyping of women and lack of gender balance in print, on the airwaves and on screen. The portrayal of women across media is damagingly limited, especially for disabled women, minority ethnic women, older women, lesbian, bisexual and trans women.

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Our reports

A group of academics, women’s sector organisations and industry stakeholders committed to gender equality in Scotland’s media sector reviewed evidence of global initiatives, undertook original, participatory research, and produced a theory of change for increasing equality with Scotland’s media and cultural sectors.

The Gendered Coverage of Scottish Sport

This is a gendered analysis of a year's worth of news coverage of Scottish football, rugby and golf, revealing a stark disparity between media exposure of men and women's sport.

October 2023

Categories: All publications

Tags: Culture Journalism Media News Sport

Scottish Equal Media and Culture Centre Profile: Monitoring Scotland’s Media

A proposal for a media monitoring body in Scotland.

July 2022

Categories: All publications

Tags: Media monitoring

A Theory of Change for Making Scotland’s Media and Cultural Sectors More Equal

A report outlining literature, theory and practice for changing Scotland’s media and cultural sectors.

July 2022

Categories: All publications

Tags: Policy Research

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