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PAST EVENT: Pass the Mic: Muslim Women Making Their Voices Heard

Too often in media, on stage and online the experiences of Muslim women are absent, rarely do we see or hear Muslim women leading debate; whether that is a discussion on their lived experiences of racism, Islamophobia or sexism, or an area of their expertise; law, business, politics, education, health, to name but a few.

This workshop is to support Muslim women to be leading voices by providing training on dealing with media and public speaking. The half day free training will be delivered by Talat Yaqoob* and will be interactive and give women confidence and skills in sharing their views and telling their stories.

You can read the blog post about the event here.

*Talat is the Director of Equate Scotland. She has a background in public affairs, campaigning, social research and training and development across equalities issues. She has previously worked on education rights, women’s representation in politics and tackling violence against women. Before joining Equate Scotland, Talat managed a number of projects in the Third Sector, worked in the Scottish Parliament, focusing on policy and research for a political party, and worked as a consultant for organisations focused on social equality and community engagement.

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