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Violence Unseen: Thoughts from the Panel

On the 22 March, Gender Equal Media Scotland, in association with Strathclyde Student Union, the Equality & Diversity Service, and Equally Safe @ Strathclyde, hosted Zero Tolerance’s powerful Violence Unseen exhibition. This photography exhibition explores forms of violence against women that are still misunderstood, hidden and unacknowledged by mainstream society. Alongside the exhibition was a workshop on ‘The News as It Should Be’ and a panel discussion and Q&A. The speakers on the panel share the key points of their contributions in the videos below.

Claire Heuchan (Award-winning Blogger and Writer): Claire Heuchan reflects on the possibilities and challenges digital spaces provide, particularly for Black women in public life.



Lily Greenan (Deputy Director, Zero Tolerance): Lily Greenan discusses the exhibition and how feminist campaigns challenging men’s violence against women have changed since the original Zero Tolerance campaign in 1992.



Brenna Jessie (Press and Campaigns Officer, Rape Crisis Scotland): Brenna Jessie comments on the importance of naming men’s violence against women, arguing that this violence is not invisible but we often don’t see it as violence, as gendered, or as a problem.



Anni Donaldson (Project Lead, Equally Safe in Colleges and Universities): Anni Donaldson notes that visibility is a double-edged sword for survivors, and stresses importance of responsible media representation.


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