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New Handle with Care guide for journalists launched

Handle with care guideWhat the media says matters. The way violence against women is reported plays a huge role in terms of influence, thinking and behaviour. The media sometimes over-simplifies complex stories or falls into
stereotyping or socially “slanted” reporting.

Violence against women continues to be a hugely prevalent and complex social problem, and the media plays a key role to keep the public aware of the issues. Those journalists who take a considered and informed approach to violence against women are more likely to develop trusted relationships with support organisations, and indeed with the survivors of violence.

Zero Tolerance's Handle with Care guide has been a fantastic resource providing practical advice about the approach journalists and media professionals should consider taking to ensure responsible reporting on violence against women.

New for 2018, Zero Tolerance have launched an updated version of the guide, as well as a shorter summary document.

Read the Handle with Care guide (full version) here.

Read the Handle with Care guide (summary) here.

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