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The Equal Media and Culture Centre for Scotland is a hub for research, monitoring and advocacy for equality in Scotland’s media and culture sectors.

EMCC envisions a Scotland where our media and culture reflect the rich diversity of society and promote equal opportunities for all.

EMCC takes an intersectional approach, recognising the relationship across marginalisation based on race, ethnicity, class, disability, and sexual orientation, as well as gender.

What we do:

Research: The Centre conducts cutting-edge research to understand the state of gender representation and diversity in Scottish media and culture.

Monitoring: The Centre plays a critical role in monitoring progress towards gender equality in media and culture. This includes monitoring the representation in leadership positions, diverse portrayal of women in media content, and the presence of harmful gender stereotypes.

Advocacy: The Centre is a vocal advocate for gender equality in media and culture, amplifying the voices of women and marginalised people across Scotland. Through strategic partnerships, campaigns, and policy advocacy, the Centre champions the need for diverse representation, gender-sensitive content, and equal opportunities in Scotland’s media and cultural industries.

To create meaningful, long-lasting change to our media and culture industries, we need to tackle:

  • Media and Cultural Content
  • Workplace Policy & Culture
  • Boards and Leadership Teams

Our key objectives:

  • To promote cultural, social and economic parity within Scotland’s media & cultural landscape through partnerships and evidence-based understandings of equality & diversity.
  • To play ‘critical friend’ to institutions, holding them accountable for practices & policies which sustain gender inequality and supporting collaborative campaigns.
  • To provide leverage for campaigns, consultations and opportunities for training and education through data collection and research on Scottish media.
  • To provide spaces for innovative dialogues around gender equality in Scottish media through events, consultations, online blogs and publications.

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